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PMD: Past, Present, Future

For the Pokemon World, the existence of humans has never been unusual. While it is well known they exist in another realm and can only be brought to the Pokemon World when there is a crisis at hand, the humans often stay, preferring the lives they have with their Pokemon partners rather than the lives they led in the human world. Every time a disaster strikes, the Pokemon never fear, because a human will be there to save the day. Until, one day, they don't. Now, three humans from different times cross paths, all with one goal, to rewrite history and save the world from the failure that caused it all.


The Future

So, after drawing several of these pages and thinking it over, I'd decided to reboot PPF, again. I know I know, I've already done it once, but the story has evolved so much in such a short time that the beginning for this isn't going to work. There will be one more update following this, but after that PPF is going on hiatus until I finish sorting out everything. I'd like to have it all ready in two weeks but that's probably not going to happen. But I intend to get it right this time. I've contacted a friend of mine from high school who is going to help me sort out everything. He's helped me through writer's block many times before and no joke we stayed up until 2 AM last night working out a bunch of details for PPF's next iteration. In the mean time, I plan to post sketches and such to keep you guys occupied while I make progress. You'll get to see the characters be redeveloped and meet other new characters, etc. So I hope that you enjoy all of that in the mean time. No telling how long it'll take to get this done, but trust me, when PPF comes back, it's coming back permanently. No more reboots, no more just dropping off the face of the earth (unless exams or life happens), just PPF reborn.

posted by WriterRaven @ June 14th, 2017, 12:51 pm  -  1 comments

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